In a decision that will no doubt be greeted with relief by builders and their insurers, on 8 October 2014 the High Court of Australia delivered its much awaited decision in Brookfield Multiplex Ltd v The Owners – Strata Plan No … Read More

Patrick Boardman spoke to Insurance Business magazine about what the High Court’s decision in Maxwell v Highway Hauliers Ltd [2014] HCA 33 might mean for insurers.

Although 30 years old this year, section 54 of the Insurance Contracts Act 1984 still requires its application to be determined by the High Court. In Maxwell v Highway Hauliers Ltd [2014] HCA 33 the High Court has resolved the … Read More

Finding your forum

In their article published in the August edition of Insurance Business magazine, Heidi Nash-Smith and Jack Geng provide a useful comparison of the way claims against financial service providers are dealt with by the Financial Ombudsman Service and the Federal … Read More

In breaking news, in a decision handed down on 6 August 2014, the Victorian Court of Appeal has determined that, pursuant to section 134 of the Building Act 1993 (Vic), the applicable limitation period for commencing a “building action”, whether … Read More

Patrick Boardman explains how subtle differences and external factors can significantly affect Directors & Officers insurance coverage in this article published in Insurance Business magazine.

Action stations

Action stations


Class actions aren’t just a matter for the major insurers – they can drag in your clients too. Patrick Boardman considers the legal ins and outs in the May edition of Insurance Business magazine.

Sean O’Connor shares his thoughts on the relationship between proportionate liability, arbitration and insurance cover in this article published in Australasian Lawyer magazine.

Patrick Boardman spoke to Australasian Lawyer to share his views on recent legal developments and emerging trends in D&O insurance.

The April 2014 edition of our “Construction Bulletin” includes commentary in relation to the following matters: Professionals acting unprofessionally – the meaning of the terms “professional services” in a D&O policy exclusion. Recent changes to Queensland’s building and construction industry … Read More