Professional Indemnity

In recent years the Courts have been willing to adopt a far broader definition of what equates to the provision of a “professional service” such that Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance now extends far beyond the “traditional”, established professions.

We have significant experience in defending all types of professionals and recognise that no professional enjoys being confronted with a lawsuit that may impugn their professional standing . We work closely with professional insureds to provide a path through the litigation process that not only takes into account their legal rights and obligations but also seeks to uphold and protect their professional reputation and commercial relationships. Our lawyers advise PI insurers and professional insureds in respect of litigated and non-litigated claims in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the United States and the UK.

Our expertise spans a broad range of professionals, primarily in the financial services, construction, property and information technology space, and also the less recognised professions such as agricultural professionals, semi-professional trades and small and medium businesses which hold professional indemnity or financial loss cover.

In addition to the management of claims, we provide advice on policy coverage and wording issues to insurers and risk assessments to individual insureds.  This enables insurers to fully understand and appreciate their rights and obligations under the policy and insureds to understand their prospect of successfully arguing for cover and to mitigate and/or seek to avoid claims in the future.