International D&O UpdateAuthor : Cain Jackson and Yen Seah

Financial Lines

There have been some interesting global developments that are changing the landscape for D&O insurers. In this first edition of our International D&O Update, we have joined with our Legalign Global alliance partners to bring a summary of landmark cases and regulatory developments that will impact insurers both here in Australia and across the globe.

This includes the Full Federal Court of Australia’s recent decision in the GetSwift case which has provided some welcome clarity for D&O insurers on the principles the Court will consider when deciding how to address overlapping class actions – a topical issue as the Supreme Court determines what to do with the five separate securities class actions commenced on an open basis against AMP Limited this year.

Cain Jackson and Yen Seah review the decision and provide five key reasons why this development is significant for class action respondents and their D&O insurers.