Diversity is a core value for us. We’re particularly proud of the fact that more than 70% of our professional and shared services teams are female.

Diversity is evident in that we treat each other with respect and value the different ideas that are generated by a team with a variety of backgrounds, strengths, experience and ideas.

Through diversity comes our ability to innovate, as we recognise that the way we did things yesterday may not necessarily be the way we do things tomorrow. If you are constantly seeking out new ideas and new ways of approaching problems, we welcome your voice.

We foster a collaborative environment in which we voice our opinions and question assumptions. We seek to understand each other and what we bring and contribute.

Consultation, patience and inclusion are qualities that we are value –as are the perspectives of those who are different from us and those who challenge our own point of view.

Do you have a different view of diversity? We’d love to hear from you.