Responsible Business

Responsible Business

At Wotton + Kearney we take seriously our role as a responsible global citizen and playing our part to help protect our environment, eradicate modern slavery and encourage diversity and inclusion through our own business practices through which we aim to lead.

Modern Slavery

Through our charity partnership with IJM Australia we raised over $105,000 in 2019 to address slavery in our region and provided pro bono legal advice, including a legal secondment. We are committed to reviewing our own supply chains.

Our Environment Committee meets every quarter. Some of our key environmental initiatives include:

  • Plant life in the office – improving air quality, reducing stress and just looking good!
  • Ethical Suppliers – supporting ethically, environmentally and socially responsible suppliers
  • Recycling Print Cartridges – offices have special recycling bins located next to the printer for all empty print cartridges
  • Document destruction – secure destruction of documents through recycling
  • IT tool deployed to all desktops to manage when they are shut down in the evening saving energy
  • Volunteering to complement pro bono initiatives that support our commitment to environmental sustainability

Diversity and Inclusion

The wonderful mix of backgrounds, experiences, skillsets and perspectives that make up Wotton + Kearney are celebrated and seen as assets to be leveraged.

We are committed to the following actions to develop a culture where everyone thrives, with a clearly articulated D&I commitment and strategy that is visibly supported by sernior leaders.

In 2019 we launched Thrive@W+K, a leadership program that is intended to empower our amazing women to fulfil their potential and progress their careers. Our sponsorship of the Lloyd’s Dive In Festival signals our commitment to improving diversity and inclusion in the local insurance market.

In 2019,n we co-sponsored the first industry-wide survey ever undertaken in the insurance market on inclusion. You can view the Deep Dive on Inclusion: Inclusive Culture Survey here.