With the widening scope of environmental liability and tightening of environmental legislation across Australia, businesses of almost any size and industry are becoming increasingly susceptible to regulatory action where a pollution incident has occurred.

To help navigate the unique characteristics of each jurisdiction, we have launched Environmental Liability in Australia, a practical guide to environmental liability in each Australian state.

This guide provides a detailed summary of pollution offences, reporting and compliance obligations, regulatory actions, and associated penalties at a state level.

Charu Stevenson, partner and environmental liability specialist, said “while many would assume that environmental liability is only relevant for multi-million-dollar corporations, in fact even a sole contractor is exposed to the vast legislation that has rapidly developed in recent years. We felt that, in the current climate, it was critical to capture the latest information regarding this complex and litigious landscape.”

For more information on the specific requirements of each state regime, or if you have any questions on the content covered in this guide, contact one of our environmental liability specialists listed at the end of the guide.

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