It takes a team at the top of their game to provide insurers with the clarity and perspicacity needed to make sound decisions when innovation and technology are making the risks insurers need to cover in accident, health and travel policies more diverse and complex.

With risk also comes opportunity and rethinking benefits to customers is just one way our team helps, as well as advising on everything from group policies for businesses and sporting clubs, disability income protection, individual and corporate travel, and expatriate care policies to pet insurance!

Recent work

We advise several insurers on corporate and business travel insurance programs for Australian, regional and international banks, financial institutions, manufacturers and producers.

We manage many claims arising out of South-East Asia and the United Kingdom, including acting for London accident and health underwriters on disputes about pre-existing conditions, non-disclosure issues, claw-back provisions and start dates of policies and plans.

We represent insurers in a range of coverage disputes when complaints are lodged with the Financial Ombudsman Service by people challenging declinature.

We advise on policy wordings and exclusion clauses in breach of anti-discrimination legislation and whether insurers can demonstrate exclusions fall within the actuarial/statistical data or unjustifiable hardship exceptions.