To create a sustainable future, central and regional government authorities are committed to significant investment for innovative infrastructure and construction projects. From green urban developments to pipelines and transport corridors, our clients are insuring companies building the infrastructure of tomorrow. In Australia, State-based projects are at an all time high and the next 10 years will see an exponential cycle of building.

We are working with our insurance industry clients to manage the risks flowing from impressive engineering and technological projects across Australia and New Zealand, while being highly attuned to the changing regulatory, environment and financial constraints. We help to manage the financial risks which sit inside the contractual matrix against losses which may trigger policy cover.

Also, we are also partnering with infrastructure developers and construction industry professionals and their insurers to identify legal solutions for insurable risks that will provide predictable outcomes and cost certainty. And if things go wrong, our experienced team of industry-specialists can achieve practical results from complex situations affecting any stage of the lifecycle of a project.