Few sectors are as critical to Australia’s economic development as energy and mining. National revenue and royalties sits aside a call for industry policies that match public expectations to complement sustainable industries.

Managing development, financial and operational risks can be a headache for energy providers, mining operators and contractors and their insurers. The vagaries of environmental conditions and the whim of the pricing market can often create a knife-edge for businesses operating in the energy and mining sectors. You need agile strategies to respond to macro-economic events, matched by embedded protocols to protect workers, the public and the environment.

Our specialist team understands the conditions that operators in the sector encounter and we have particular expertise in the risks of new energy and mining technologies – from solar, wind, hydro and biomass plants, to new mineral extraction, processing technologies and AI.

If a disaster occurs, our experienced lawyers in Australia and New Zealand can help your company and your insurers manage all aspects of these high-profile claims involving significant losses, insurance coverage concerns, public exposure, reputation management and any resulting liabilities or recoveries.