Employee dishonesty and fraudulent third parties represent a major business risk and those perpetuating these acts keep getting more tech-savvy, organised and daring. The complexity of supply chains has added to the opportunity for fraud and made the complexity of identifying it more difficult.

Frauds carried out by bank employees have made headlines in Australia over the last few years, but fidelity and crime policies are increasingly becoming an essential part of the suite of corporate insurance policies needed by businesses of all sizes. We have worked on claims involving manufacturers, suppliers and distributors, banks and financial institutions, professional services firms and numerous SMEs across many industry sectors.

We investigate fraudulent and criminal activities, manage claims, minimise reputational as well as financial damage, and pursue recoveries for many insurers. Our team is particularly expert when the fraud involves cross-border transactions and in cases where it is necessary to chase evidence through multiple subsequent transactions. We work collaboratively with law enforcement authorities.

Our service doesn’t end when the claim is settled. We work with businesses and their insurers to devise and implement new controls to minimise ongoing risks, and to pursue recoveries actions against perpetrators.

Recent work

Coverage advice and recovery action following a circa $450,000 employee theft perpetrated using fake invoice payments. Working with private investigators we were able to uncover the theft, identify recovery prospects and obtain ex parte freezing orders over the employee’s bank accounts and property.

Coverage advice to insurers on a theft of money claim where the insured relied solely on accounting errors as its proof of loss.