Retail shopping is being transformed. Big data and the customer experience now sit at the centre of retail strategy and are fundamentally altering the industry’s risk profile. Retail executives are as concerned with the electronic environment in which they operate as the physical one.

Workplace safety, public liability, property damage, product recall, supply chains and contractor liabilities will remain areas where retailers have significant risks, and where our General Liability team are experts in managing resulting claims.

As the complexity grows, so does the risk – big data means retailers can react faster to demand but also mean juggling new risks – privacy breaches, cyber attacks, hostile publicity campaigns and IP infringements.

We are leading advisor to insurers in the sector. We move swiftly to manage claims, mitigate reputational damage, and provide pragmatic, commercial advice.

Labour Hire

The labour hire industry is big business in Australia and New Zealand is an industry in the regulatory headlights with continued uncertainty about how these workforces will be treated.

We bring efficient processes and expert advice to managing labour hire claims across all industry sectors – in particular, the professions, healthcare, retail and transport, as well as traditional building and construction trades.

As regulation becomes more stringent and the exposure of labour hire companies, sub-contractors and host employers increases, we are working with the industry to ensure that workplace and regulatory risks are identified early and managed swiftly and commercially, with an eye on fluctuating developments and future exposures.