Whether you’re supporting one of your children at their club football game, you are a professional sportsman, playing e-sports competitions, or just out with your friends at the local bar or theme park, our leisure and entertainment options have never been so varied.

Neither have they been more highly regulated, or more prone to claims. Traditional public and product liability issues are as likely to be tested at the club sausage sizzle as in the grandstand. Stadium operators or pub owners need to be as attuned to an IT breakdown, as to a terrorist threat.

We have experience of managing property damage and injury claims for insurers and their customers including large leisure operators and hotel chains as well as professional and volunteer sporting clubs involving concussive injuries. We provide seasoned advice to manage complex incidents, and employ efficient practical strategies to resolve smaller, more numerous claims.

And when the first accident occurs at a virtual reality rugby final, odds are that we will be the firm instructed on the test case to interpret the first virtual reality liability policy and quantify any loss that is suffered.