The business of sport can be complex and varied, whether you are a professional sporting administrator, club or association, an event organiser, professional athlete or someone just participating for the fun of it.

The risks involved in sports are increasing in the headlines – whether it is the amount of money at stake in running professional sports clubs or entertainment venues, the scale and sophistication of tournaments or outdoor events that pose OH&S risks to participants, referees, volunteers or visitors, protection required from cancellation or interruption, or the seriousness of potential injuries such as career ending paralysis or long term concussive brain damage to professional or amateur players.

In Australia, the repercussions for insurers of high impact sports such as Rugby Union, NRL and AFL are prime examples, with a number of claims having the potential to set precedents on the duties of sports administrators in Australia to participants in sport.

Our SLE specialists are experienced in handling claims brought against regulators, operators and organisers of sports and events in Australia, as well as theme and amusement park operators, hotels and entertainment promoters.

W+K is also leading the discussion in this area in Australia and assisting major sporting bodies and their insurers to navigate claims that have started to emerge in New South Wales and Queensland. Our partners including Charles Simon, Paul Spezza and William Robinson are regularly asked to present on topical issues such as Sports Concussion and Dangerous Recreational Activities, technological developments including breath testing to detect brain injury in athletes.

Examples or our market leading experience includes:

Defence of injury claims by jockeys against horse trainers

Acting on behalf of the insurers of horse trainers in respect of the defence of claims involving personal injuries to jockeys and training riders, and property damage claims arising from injuries to horses.

Defence of career ending injury claims

Advising the governing body of a national sport and its Lloyd’s based insurers in relation to various claims brought by players in relation to career ending injuries as well as investigations by the Australian Sport Anti-Doping Agency in relation to alleged systemic use of banned performance enhancing drugs.

Concussion and acquired brain injury claims

Providing strategic advice to the commission charged with governing a national sport in relation to potential claims from retired players in relation to acquired brain injuries/CTE, including assisting them identify relevant insurance policies and potential ramifications.

Broad industry experience involving operators and organisers of sports and events

Handling claims brought against regulators, operators and organisers of sports and events in Australia and New Zealand, including sporting clubs, gymnasiums, recreational services providers,amusement ride operators, venue operators, entertainment promoters, and voluntary and “not-for-profit” organisations.