The largest global alliance of law firms focused on the insurance market

2,100 attorneys in 74 offices worldwide

Formed to meet the legal needs of the growing multinational insurance market, Legalign Global employs an innovative legal services business model for the insurance sector delivered seamlessly across jurisdictions by best-in-region law firms that share consistent, unparalleled service standards.

Legalign Global is an alliance between five law firms who are best in class in their regions:

While some member firms’ practices extend beyond insurance, Legalign Global focuses on three primary areas:

  • Insurance & Reinsurance Coverage
  • Insurance & Reinfurance Defence
  • Insurance Regulatory & Compliance

Together we facilitate a more effective legal services response to our global insurer clients and their customers working in foreign markets or under multi-national insurance programs.

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Why Legalign Global?

Legalign Global was formed to meet the legal needs of the growing multinational insurance markets as insurers increasingly provide services in multiple international locations or manage them as part of global insurance programs. Legalign Global, unlike other networks of loosely affiliated law firms, is a closely-knit, integrated alliance with a uniform global service charter. This ensures that all five member firms deliver consistent, best-in-region service to our clients, in compliance with service legal expectations.

The Legalign Global benefits


  • Genuine understanding of the insurance industry and market
  • Access to leading advisers in mature markets and a global network of contacts
  • One-stop-shop global claims handling solutions for global risks; such as product recall, cyber and data breach response, cBI claims and other “inter-connected risks”
  • Capability to advise on new risks, insurance products and wordings as they emerge, such as tech products, cyber wordings and (re)takaful wordings.


  • Vast intellectual capital
  • Extensive horizon-watching capability
  • Thought leadership
  • Innovative claims solutions


  • 2,100 attorneys in 74 offices worldwide
  • Local insight and international reach
  • Resourcing flexibility, instant upscaling capacity and on-the-ground presence


  • Quality control through a service charter


  • Speed of response
  • Cost efficiencies
  • Investment in AI and data analytics

Recent abuse cases offer further guidance

There have been three recent cases involving abuse matters that provide further guidance on how the courts are addressing some key liability, damages and limitation issues. These issues include: the need for specific evidence about the level of impact of limitation periods in considering applications to set aside settlements in institutional abuse matters the importance of clearly articulated causes of action in pleadings the way damages are assessed when there ...

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