We’re delighted to share W+K’s State of the nation 2023-24 – our guide to different procedural rules, limitation periods, assessment of damages and recent cases for personal injury claims in each Australian state.

Assessments of damages in personal injury claims and the apportionment of damages in property damage/economic loss claims in Australia are governed by different State legislation and regimes.

Building upon our inaugural State of the nation report released in 2022, our latest guide includes updated figures and recent case studies for this year relevant to damages awards in each jurisdiction, providing you with the most relevant information to assist in driving a strategy for each claim.

We aim to demystify the jurisdictional idiosyncrasies of managing personal injury litigation to assist insurers, brokers and their respective clients to understand the unique challenges presented by managing claims in the various states.

For more information on the specific requirements of each state regime, or if you have any questions on the content covered in this guide, contact a member of our team listed at the end of the report.

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